Himalayan Salt Lamp
My New Wellness Discovery For The Bedroom – Himalayan Salt Lamps!

It’s no secret that I take my body, mind and spirit wellness super seriously.

I’m always looking for ways to “up my wellness” – and I recently came across information about using Himalayan Salt Lamps in the bedroom, so I wanted to share the info and resource with you asap!

I’ve had a pink Himalayan Salt Lamp in my office for years, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it –  and now I learned that they’re quite healthy for you to have in other rooms too, particularly THE BEDROOM.

The Colors Of Himalayan Salt Lamps

According to my most recent research, Himalayan Salt Lamps come in three colors:

  • Amber (a pinky coral)
  • White
  • Grey.

I think the grey and white salt lamps are STUNNING, so I bought a few. I put a grey lamp on each nightstand in our bedroom – one for Shannon and one for me . The grey color is darker and so beautiful (in my opinion), and it comes with a dimmer switch, so you can dim it all the way down to sleep.

NOTE: I was concerned the light would disturb our sleep, but when you lower the dimmer all the way down, it’s just a slight glow, so it didn’t mess with our sleep at all.

Here are some of the positive health benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Negative Ions – Beneficial to your health
Neutralizing EMFS – Reduce electromagnetic radiation
Color and Light Therapy – Increased relaxation, less stress
Feng Shui – Clearing spaces of negative energy
Good Vibrations & Clearing Energy – A balanced home is a healthy home

Well I hope you take a look at these gorgeous and healthy Himalayan Salt Lamps and if you already own some salt lamps, let me know what room you have them in below!

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