November Is Asking You To Release
November Is Asking You To Release What No Longer Serves

(Magically Speaking)

For those of us who live in the North, November can seem like a brown, dreary month… my goodness, when I’m on social media websites I giggle at all of the frown faces 🙁 and snarky remarks about summer ending and winter approaching. I can’t help but think “awe, bless those poor Muggles… it will all be okay, summer will come back again.”
I know that there’s a season for everything; a time to grow, create, receive, release, go within, strategize, nourish, prepare, plant seeds… it’s The Cycle Of Life. You can become disconnected from it but you cannot avoid it, it’s happening all around you whether you accept it or not.
Birth – Growth – Death – Rebirth – I choose to work with the cycle of life, the rhythm of nature and magick to create an abundant life I love.
If you take a moment to look at November closely, there is a quiet beauty that exists all around you. Life Magick is about seeing the magic shining through the mundane, so I invite you to look at November through a magical lens.
I have always found human nature fascinating, so over the years I have noticed that once we enter the month of November most people go into what I call the “holiday trance” and become very preoccupied with planning menus, shopping and let’s not forget the stress of dealing with crowds and traffic everywhere you go
Being a magical practitioner I experience November in a whole different way… I look at November symbolically, and as an opportunity to observe wildlife, stargaze and see aspects of nature that for most people are overlooked.
Bundle up and take a walk outside in nature, observe the beauty of a leafless tree; see their true form and shape. Look at fallen leaves and watch for trees and evergreens bearing their winter berries and cones. Collect nature’s gifts and bring them back home with you. You can decorate your altars, mantels and sacred spaces with your findings… you could even try making a wreath from leaves, twigs and nuts. Magickal crafting is so much fun, it raises your personal vibration, honors Gaia and the beautiful gifts she bestows upon us.
Walking in the woods in November can be grounding, eye opening and a great teacher of life…
The crisp air has floated in, summer’s insects have died off, the animals are very busy scurrying around and preparing for the snow and harsh days ahead and we can witness Earth Mother in a more dormant state. Persephone is getting ready to make her decent to the Underworld, Gaia is releasing what no longer serves, to go inward and rest over the winter and prepare for spring’s rebirth.

 Your Goddess Lifestyle Plan Assignment

Your Goddess Lifestyle Plan Assignment is to think about how you can mirror nature and release what no longer serves? This is a time of darkening days, but it is also a time inner work… make a list of all the people, habits and things that no longer serve you or the woman you desire to be. Then one by one, create a strategy (action steps) on how you can release them or alchemize them.
May your November be a month of deep release and subsequent peace… And so it is.

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