Pisces Full Moon

Element: Water and Earth (Moon in Pisces, Water • Sun in Virgo, Earth)

In this blog post you will find helpful information on how to work with Pisces Full Moon from Lisa Michaels, founder of Natural Rhythms and author of the book, LunaSol. Click here to take a look at LunaSol.

“The full moon in Pisces and sun in Virgo brings a deep connection to the sacred in all areas of your life. This energy calls for the development of a loving, caring, and compassionate heart committed to serving humanity. Pisces as the most expanded Water sign brings a deep connection to the collective and mystical merger with the Divine. Pisces feels the grief and suffering of humanity and responds with a loving caring heart that heals. It serves the world by dreaming visions of a peaceful planet and joining with others to selflessly help those in need. Pisces provides spiritual nourishment through selfless service.” ~ Lisa Michaels

The Sun in Virgo will help you ground your ability to serve others in practical ways, dedicated work, and ceremony on behalf of the collective. Use the added intuition that the Pisces full moon brings to determine the grounded steps or ceremonial intention you need. Pay attention to your feelings and subtle psychic guidance.

Spend some time during this full moon really tuning into the messages life is bringing you from your dreams, the signs and symbols you notice around you, and your inner guidance. Now is the time to pay attention to the images that rise to the surface of your awareness from the watery depths of the unconscious. You especially want to listen to your dreams during this window. Take notes on any dreams that come during sleep, or those you find yourself pondering during the daytime. What dreams are coming forward that are ready to be brought into reality?

Take time during this full moon to connect to Spirit and see how Source is flowing into your life. Pray, meditate, journal, and imagine the best life you can for yourself and the world around you. This is a powerful time to dream a life on behalf of the collective, a life filled with compassion, peace, and a strong connection to nature.

Choose the one or two ideas you need most to work with, then focus on those. Intentions function best when there are only one or two to concentrate on in any cycle.

Personal Action Suggestions for Pisces Full Moon:

  • Focus on what it feels like when your dreams are fulfilled and magnetize them to you from that vibration.
  • Intuitively determine what ceremony or solid steps you need to take toward your creations.
  • Apply more compassion to yourself and your relationships.
  • Spend time in reflection and renewal.
  • Connect to the Divine and ask for any spiritual guidance needed.
  • Feel into your creative energy and express it in a way that helps to make your hopes or dreams a reality.
  • Notice how you can contribute your caring loving energy to help others in need.

Business/Professional Action Suggestions for Pisces Full Moon:

  • Feel into how your business could better serve humanity, then let Virgo help you determine the steps you need to take toward those ideas.
  • Tune into how you can bring a greater level of spirituality into your business.
  • Apply your intuition to your business; notice what needs adjusting.
  • Connect to how you’re feeling about your career, and tune into your dreams around your business.
  • Spend time imagining what you want your business to be like and take notes. Create from your dreaming.
  • Look around your business to see where you could be more creative. Write your insights in your journal and then implement.
  • Contemplate, pray, and meditate on the contribution you are making in the world. Ask for the next level to be revealed to you.

Rhythmically Create A Year Of Magical Manifestations With Nature As Your Guide

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