Sacred Practice For Yule
A Sacred Practice For Yule

Choose A Word Of The Year

I hope your still enjoying the season despite the rush of travel, the many demands on your time and the frenzy of activity around you.
I have discovered that finding your Center, that space of serenity within you that cannot be shaken by outside circumstances is of the utmost importance this time of year.
A sacred practice such as choosing your Word Of The Year (WOTY) is a simple, yet powerful way to honor the turning of the Wheel of the Year and the long nights that lie ahead, bringing us indoors around the fire together. Those who live in the Southern Hemisphere will be enjoying the summer…


Each year on Yule, which is the Winter Solstice, I light an evergreen scented candle on my entry altar which is adorned with Mother Nature’s offerings (pine cones, evergreens, poinsettia’s, etc.), Noah prepares a fire in our wood burning stove and I choose a new “Word of the Year” for the coming year and release my word of the year from the previous year. We make it a family affair too – during our annual Yule feast, I open up a conversation asking my beloveds what their intention is for the upcoming year… I ask them to identify the feeling they want to embody in the coming year… then we go around the table and pick a Word Of The Year.
Here’s how I pick my Word Of The Year – over the course of the year during my meditation practice, my word becomes more and more clear. I invite you to ask Sprint or your guides to help you discern the word you need to embrace and embody in the coming 12 months. If channeling your word from Source doesn’t work, you can go the left-brained route – which is:
  • Determine the kind of woman you want to become: The first step is to simply take some time and decide what kind of woman you want to be at the end of 2015. This thought process goes way beyond simply being healthier and wealthier… but it must drive deep into your soul… ask yourself – who is the woman I am divinely contracted to be?
  • Identify the characteristics of that woman: Think about that woman and then simply identify her major character traits. Is she forgiving? Is she generous? Is she bold? Does she take risks? What are the qualities of the woman you want to become?
  • Pick a word: Once you have a list of her characteristics, pick the word you are most drawn to (it can be two words that go together like my 2015 word is). There might be thirteen words on your list, but please… you must resist the temptation to do them all… Instead, simply commit to ONE WORD and then begin to embody that word and take action from that place of empowerment.
Last year, my word was SHINE and it totally kicked my ass! I stepped out from behind my computer and made videos, I launched Goddess Lifestyle TV (my Spreecast channel) and basically lived in a state of discomfort until a few weeks ago. In 2015, my word is BOLD ACTION. I am to take Bold Action, embrace Bold Action, seek Bold Action, and breathe in Bold Action.
So I ask you reader… what will your Word Of The Year be for 2015? Please share your word below and why you chose it?
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