Samhain Ritual To Help You Design Your Goddess Lifestyle

Samhain Ritual To Help You Design Your Goddess Lifestyle

Samhain is a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of winter or the “darker half” of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Over time, Samhain and All Saints’/All Souls’ Day merged into the modern Halloween. Since the later 20th century, those who follow nature based Spirituality observe Samhain as a powerful sacred timing.

Samhain is always so powerful and brings in so much healing that allows us to grow and continue to evolve into our highest selves…and that’s an amazing boost for our ability to design the lives of our dreams and the businesses and relationships that support them.

So, this Samhain, I want to give you something special:

A Ritual To Help You Maximize Your Samhain Results

Tools you’ll need: 
Remember, literally everything is optional. Because the magic is IN YOU. But I suggest you at least offer something special for your ancestors, the rest of the items is as desired!

• A black candle
• A white candle
• Apache tear, black obsidian, snowflake obsidian, lapis lazuli, or petrified wood (any stone that you connect with that supports ancestral connection and healing)
• Plants of your ancestors region(yes, these can literally be the spices in your cabinet!), rosemary, cedar, tobacco, mugwort, mullein, and/or dandelion
• Paper
• Pen
• Dragon’s blood ink (if available)
• A fireproof bowl
• A few offerings: dinner, sweets, liquor, flowers, incense, etc

Before starting, set the intention of opening your mind and your heart to your ancestors, their pain, and the limiting beliefs you suffer.

Turn on some music that you’re inspired to use, as sound is a part of the physical embodiment of this ritual and the results we want.

Light your candles, black then white.

Sit in silence and allow your mind to bring forth the things you need healed most.

• Are you not showing up to create the life you want?
• Are you giving away your power to others?
• Are you refusing to see the truth of your path?
• Are you struggling to shatter your glass ceiling?
• Are you procrastinating on important work and projects?
• Do you feel you don’t deserve the success and love you crave?
• Does it make you feel like a bad person to want the things you want?
• Anything else come to mind?

Cleanse your offering and mentally multiply it to fill the space and become that which they will find pleasing to partake.

Then, call in your ancestors and make your offering.

“To you my beloved ancestors, I call. Mother, father, grands, and beyond. Know that I love you and that I am here for you. May you be elevated…may you be at peace. 

I make this offering of love and______________ that you may know you are cherished and missed.

Show me what I need to know to heal beyond and to grow. For it is through your life that I live and with that knowledge I evolve and become all that I can.”

Sit in meditation. Hold the stones and herbs you set out. Allow your mind to empty. Feel the energy flow through you and the materials you hold.

Allow answers to come. Pay attention to where you feel the answers in your body. Pay attention to your emotions as your answers are brought forth. Pay attention to any noises you hear as the answers become clear.

Write your petition on the paper:

On this Samhain and in the days of darkness, I commit to healing ___________ in the name of my ____________ (ancestors, if you don’t have a name that arises here). Mother Earth, plants and planets, to my growth, I am committed.

Then, write the toxic pattern of behavior that has been holding you back on the paper, as well.

Fold it nine times and with each fold, see the habit or behavior being pulled away from you.

Light the paper on fire and place it in your fireproof bowl. While it burns, maintain focus on the flame and see what life will be like without that behavior pattern standing in your way…and hold the healing for your ancestor of that behavior, simultaneously (you will not only get the benefit, you will be healing the wounds of the past, as well), that it may no longer be a point of suffering for them, either.

When the fire goes out, tell your ancestors their work is done. Wish them well and thank them for coming to visit.

Snuff the candles, white then black.

Leave the remains on the altar until the offering has been completely consumed. Then take the candles, offerings, and ashes to a crossroads and bury them. If you cannot do that, take them to a dump not on your property and leave them in the trash, without looking back.

This can be done the next day.

This ritual will be so important for your work this year. Remember we are starting a new cycle of growth soon and this will be your basis for it.

Maintain your commitment to never allow those behaviors to stop you again. No matter what.

And your growth will be ignited.

Samhain Blessings From My Heart To Yours

May you and yours have a powerful Samhain full of merriment and healing!

Samhain Blessings to you, Goddess!

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