Scorpio New Moon

In this article you will discover more about Scorpio new moon by Lisa Michaels, founder of Natural Rhythms and author of Create A Dynamic Year – A Sacred Timings Handbook.

“The deeply feeling water sign of Scorpio knows how to traverse the terrain between shadow and light. It can also bring the shadow to light in any facet of life, from what has been unsaid or unfelt in a situation, to the places where criticism, judgment, jealousy, betrayal, and backstabbing exist in our relationships and in experiences, such as leadership. Scorpio shows us how to see and feel what is hidden from plain sight. The shadowy side of leadership can rear its head anytime someone steps into a position of responsibility for something.” ~ Lisa Michaels

It takes an extremely high level of emotional development and consciousness to determine if you are projecting on to someone in a leadership position. So often childhood “authority issues” arise so subtly that they are hard to detect. As adults, we often don’t want anyone to “lead us” but we want things done that we don’t want to do ourselves. So we end up in a strange love/hate relationship with those actually willing to take responsibility to do what we don’t want to do. We find ourselves thinking they should be doing more than they are, while simultaneously criticizing and judging what they are doing.

Scorpio can help us look deeply beneath the surface to determine what we are truly holding, judging, or contributing to a situation, not just what we “think” we bring to the table. We may believe we are adding to the creation energy, at work for example, when in fact we may be subtly undermining what others are doing by being passively aggressive. In this Scorpio new moon, it is essential to your forward motion in the year ahead to determine what lies beneath the surface. Only when you see the truth can you clear any old issues that may be sabotaging your own creations, undermining and judging others, or keeping you from stepping into your full potential.

Scorpio’s powerful connection to Source will help you magnetize your desires, but first you need to be sure your inner water is clean and clear. If you have experienced the projections of others, or are doing the projecting, this new moon brings the perfect time to clear this out of your emotional water so you can find the heart energy to take responsibility and create anew.

Scorpio New Moon will assist you to powerfully infuse your inner water with the feelings you want it to hold.

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