Selenite: Why I Have Chunks Of It Everywhere!

Selenite is one of the essential ten workhorse stones I believe everyone should own!

If you’re wondering what the other nine crystals on my list are – click here.

What Is Selenite?

Selenite is actually a mineral gypsum, not a stone or crystal, and it instills deep peace and tranquility wherever it is placed.

Selenite is known as an “emotional cleanser” for the mind, body, spirit, and outer environment. I have pieces of Selenite all around my living and working spaces.

Selenite is a commonly used crystal in Feng Shui, probably because it has one of the finest and highest spiritual vibrations and is often used at the Crown Chakra for meditation, angelic consciousness, channeling and the highest wisdom.

Because of it’s energetic effectiveness, Selenite can be placed in every room of the house, in order to emanate the most uplifting and positive vibrations for every activity of life.

Bigger IS better when it comes to Selenite!

I always recommend acquiring the largest pieces one’s budget can accommodate and multiple pieces.  Wherever Selenite is placed, it counteracts any negative vibration and protects against any negative influence.

Morocco is the Selenite Capital of the World but it is also found in Mexico, South America, USA, Australia and Madagascar.  The shape is chunky log-like … the top and bottom surface are somewhat smooth (from the saw) and the back and sides are more rough, natural unpolished material.

Depending on the shape they may stand up on their own but not all do that because they are wider and thinner. Each piece of Selenite is a one-of-a-kind item, no two are identical! Selenite has a wonderful white, moon-like translucency… so beautiful, I absolutely LOVE it!

Use Selenite for aura cleansing, medicine bags, Feng Shui, healing grid or a healing practice.  Selenite is very helpful in Feng Shui cures too – use it with a small Black Tourmaline or Black Obsidian on top of it and you’ll create Yin/Yang balance for any room. Pretty nifty right?

Selenite is also a great “emotional cleanser” for whenever you might be feeling overwhelmed, sad or just ragged from worry or hurt feelings.

Cleaning And Care Of  Selenite

If your Selenite gets dirty or scratched (it has a very soft surface), you can re-polish it with a nail buffer (not a nail fine) or soft cloth.

Selenite is soluble in water, so it is easily shaped and polished with just a little dampness.  However, please don’t soak Selenite in water because it may disappear!  Selenite is all natural, grown from the Earth so each one is different, no two are alike!

Selenite Healing Properties


  • Very good for bones, calcium uptake, disc problems. Great for breastfeeding moms and babies.
Emotional & Mental: 
  • Brings mental clarity, judgment, insight. Very calming to the nerves.

Transformational Qualities:

  • Brings the fifth dimensional light into third dimensional matter.
  • Quickly opens balances and activates any chakra and is especial good with the third eye, crown chakra, and the soul star chakra above the head. It’s the most powerful clearing stone for the upper chakras.
  • Cleanses the aura.
  • Clears and energize all the glands of the body.
  • Clears all blockages in the energy field.
  • Cuts cords of dysfunctional energy from the etheric body.
  • Ideal for purification and energetic cleansing, which makes it a perfect tool for healers.
  • Directs high frequency energy into the body, stimulating spiritual, physical and emotional healing.
  • Opens the inner self to the spiritual world.
  • Magnifies the energy of what ever is placed on it many times over (including other crystals).
  • Adds positive intentions into the energy body.
  • Elevates the frequency of physical matter and lowers the frequency of light, enabling a new substance to bring spirit into matter.
  • Acts as a tool for enlightenment as it heralds the link between spirit and matter.

Goddess Lifestyle Best Practice: I keep a Selenite wand on top of each of my Tarot and Oracle decks to keep them energetically cleared and ready for me to work with! Click here – to take a look at the wands I use.

Where To Purchase Selenite

I purchase my Selenite from a few different places; Ebay, Amazon or local fairs. New Age stores tend to really jack their prices up for retail, so I like to order my stones and crystals online.

Zen With Gems is my trusted place to purchase crystals – click here to visit the shop on Etsy.

Here’s are some quick links to Amazon to take a look at the Selenite pieces I own:

Selenite Towerclick here to take a look and purchase

Selenite Wandsclick here to take a look and purchase

Selenite Protection Collection (get a few different pieces) – click here to take a look and purchase

Selenite Pendant with Chakra Stones (I LOVE this piece) – click here to take a look and purchase

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