Silence Your Inner Critic By Listening To Your Intuition

Everyone has an Inner Critic.

An Inner Critic goes by many names; Inner Mean Girl, Gremlin, Inner Bitch, Voice of Reason, etc.

Let me ask you something… does your Inner Critic show up at just the perfect moment to stop you from living a life that is in alignment with your heart and soul?

Take a moment and think back… has your Inner Critic ever stopped or deterred you from taking chances in life, love, or with your online business?

Perhaps it piped up and said something like this:

“Don’t bother starting that online business, so many other people do the same think and are more qualified than you, so you’ll never be successful.”

“Don’t trust this new guy… your last boyfriend cheated on you, and I’m sure this one will do the same thing too.”

“You should just become a Lawyer instead of following your true passion… it doesn’t matter that you hate practicing law, your parents spent all that money on law school and they would be very upset with you.”

“Look at how fat your ass looks in that outfit and WOW, look at all the wrinkles on your face!” “You look old, haggard and fat!” “You should just stay home tonight!”

Inner Critics are VERY busy indeed!

Your Inner Critic Will Stop You From Creating A Life You’re Wildly Obsessed With

Research has shown that we all have a learned voice of internal judgment. This internal voice often shuts down our genius and over rides our intuition. Did you know that your Inner Critic exists to protect you from potential poor decision making or high risk behavior, either physical or emotional…

When you come to the realization that it doesn’t matter what happened in your upbringing or the mistakes you’ve made in your past – you’re liberated!

You’re an adult. You’ve grown and learned from your past mistakes therefore, you can successfully heal the wounds of your past. You can successfully develop an “powerful mindset” which I call – a Goddess Mindset.

One of the many skills a present day goddess possesses, is the ability to move decision making out of her head, where the Inner Critic resides down into her gut, where her intuition resides!

A powerful mindset is simply a way of thinking and looking at yourself and the world around you.

Your Thoughts Create Your Decisions And Your Decisions Create Your Reality.

When I am faced with a decision that I’m unsure of what to do because my Inner Critic is piping up, I will:

  1. Find a quiet place without any distractions. No electronics or people to interrupt me.
  2. Connect with Source – my higher power.
  3. Concentrate on feeling the decision in my gut – What am I feeling NOT thinking?
  4. Identify if it feels right to me?
  5. Identify if I am acting out of fear or my Inner Critics crappy, limiting advice.
  6. Make a decision based on all the facts and not my fear.
  7. Take inspired action despite my fear.

The past does not have to dictate your present or future.

Living on auto-pilot, winging it, and becoming a “stress ball “ is an affliction of our modern day world. It causes dis-ease to consume your body and weight to mysteriously pile on your middle area (thank you cortisol)… By developing a “Goddess Mindset”, which means living completely in alignment with your truth, an interesting thing occurs… your self-imposed constraints no longer can hold you down and you will open to a whole new amazing life experience!

A Win/Win Either Way!

You can develop the ability to listen to your gut or intuition instead of your head, it’s simply strengthening a muscle. What I know for sure is that, when I follow my intuition and choose the direction in life that feels right or authentic to me, (btw, this usually includes me having to muster up the courage and take a leap of faith) two things happen:

  1. Things go way better than I had expected them to and I feel EMPOWERED, CAPABLE and CONFIDENT.
  2.  Things don’t go smoothly and a net appears to catch me, and a new door opens up for me to move through, and I feel EMPOWERED, COURAGEOUS & CONFIDENT.

Do These Two Things

It’s true, the relationship with your intuition takes a while to master but it becomes more accurate the more you use it. Negative feelings and judgment are very much like acid on our skin; it burns and destroys. Rather than wallowing in your Inner Critics advice of anger, hurt, fear, comparison to others and judgment… try instead to:

  1. Discover something that you care about more than your anger, hurt, fear, comparison or judgement. – What do you really want?
  2. Identify what matters to you more than your anger, hurt, fear, comparison or judgement, then focus on what that is and allow yourself to reside in the healthy space you’ve created. –  Move towards your passions, dreams, goals and your truth.

A present day goddess lives inside of YOU my friend, and if you choose, she can be more powerful and courageous than any negative self talk or fear you have going on. Choose to drop down from your head and into your heart and gut for your authentic answers. Your authentic truth lies in your intuition.

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Leave me a comment below if you resonated with this post. I’d love to know what courageous thing you’ve wanted to do in your life or online business that your Inner Critic talked you out of?

Cheers to you living your version of a goddess lifestyle,

silver-moon-divider Lisa Grantham


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