Align Yourself With The Magic Of The Universe And Design YOUR Version Of A Goddess Lifestyle!

Calling All Holistic-Minded, Nature-Loving, Spiritual, Ambitious Women Who Are Done With Settling And Are Ready To Live The Empowered Life They Crave!

It’s time to create the life you crave…

I want to get completely real with you for a moment and ask you to answer the following questions honestly.

  • Are you overwhelmed with endless expectations in your life?
  • Do you show up to life (and work) in masculine ways that feel exhausting?
  • Do you prioritize everyone else’s needs and rarely meet your own?
  • Have you lost your inner sparkle and zest for life?
  • Do you find that you’ve let yourself go a bit?
  • Are you craving less drama and more flow in your relationships?
  • Do you believe in something bigger than yourself – a higher power?
  • Do you have dreams of creating time freedom and location independence at some point in your life?

If your heart and soul whispered “yes” and longs for a different way…
 you are not alone.

It’s Your Time…

This is why I created a program to lovingly take you by the hand on a journey to discovering and unleashing the powerful goddess you were always meant to be…

It’s time, sister. Time to get unstuck and turn the volume up on your feminine essence and feminine power. To create a life of balance and pleasuresuccess and fulfillment… one that honors your needs and desires while nourishing your body, mind and spirit..

I believe that this is your ONE PRECIOUS LIFE and you should do everything in your power to live each day to the absolute fullest – would you agree?

Read on to learn how this unique and comprehensive program will show you how to EMBODY YOUR GODDESS POWER, enjoy a SACRED, INTENTIONAL, PROSPEROUS LIFE… and becoming an ELEMENTAL GODDESS-PRENEUR!

Introducing the Elemental Goddess-preneur Sisterhood

The Elemental Goddesspreneur Sisterhood™ is a program designed to:

Help you step into your fullest potential and joy with daily support and structured monthly content designed to help you break the mold of who you’ve been told you are or need to be.

Learn to harness the elemental power of Air, Fire, Water and Earth in both life and inside of your business to gain clarity, confidence, clients and more!!!

Create a foundation of life and business success by building your confidence, up-leveling your self-worth and forming new patterns of thinking and behaviors.

Develop the strong foundations for a thriving online business that is based in truth and authenticity with business development topics and success strategies led by a multi million dollar entrepreneur and business owner.

And be a part of a high vibe community that focuses on Personal/Spiritual Growth and Business/Leadership Development that will help you increase income, impact and freedom.

Working with tools such as Oracle and Tarot Cards, Crystals, Essential Oils, Herbs, Astrology, Divine Feminine Ritual, The Elements, The Moon, Seasonal and Planetary Wisdom, Archetypes, etc. PLUS new empowering classes each month, you’ll evolve into a powerful Goddess, and if you desire, grow a heart-centered + soul-FULL business that will finally put YOU in the drivers seat of your life!

My spiritual vision is to bring more kindness to the world by facilitating the life and business success of as many women as possible. One of my talents is the ability to provide the practical guidance and a solid foundation for rapid transformation. Nothing jazzes me more than helping women live their authentic truth and confidently share their gifts with the world!

Ultimately, I designed this program to teach you:

How to turn up the volume on your feminine essence
 and make powerful decisions from that place.

Gain the confidence and know how to own and operate a profitable online business that fills your soul AND your bank account.

How the Elements, Astrology, and the Universe works which will help break through fear and self sabotage, amplify your inner magic and develop an understanding of divine intelligence and how it works in both your life and business.

To develop both a spiritual and personal vision so you can set business and life goals that are in alignment with your highest good and deepest heartfelt desires

To realize your potential and begin to work from a place of endless inspiration, purpose, and possibility!

Structured Monthly Content Helps You:

Systematically release the negative or low vibe programming that has been creating your current results and create a new, much more successful and enjoyable reality!

Build a deep relationship with your Inner Goddess and live a magical, authentic, lit up life – every day!

Evolve personally, professionally and spiritually into the “Next Level You”!

Start and/or grow an online business, and learn how to build strong a foundation such as how to set your schedule in a way that feels good to you, how to authentically build an online presence and become social media savvy (even if you’re tech challenged or an introvert).

Break the patterns of unfulfilling relationships and experience healthy connections with the people that matter to you.

And so much more!

Together we will master topics like:

Goals with Heart And Soul
To help you unlock the secrets to setting goals that align with exactly what your soul craves
(making achieving them NOTHING at all like work!)

Mystery School Teachings
To help you incorporate the secrets of the past, of yourself, and of the natural world into your plans and use their power to amplify your results.

Profitable Online Business Workshops And Masterclasses
To help you build a strong foundation in your business so that you start off strong and on the right foot helping you grow, scale and leverage your business in less time than figuring it all out on your own.

Working with the Elemental Forces Of Creation
Gain a deep understanding of the Elements (Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit) and how (both individually and together) they can support you in creating and manifesting ANYTHING you desire in both your business and life!

Manifesting Like a Goddess
Learn the secrets of manifesting your desires ON DEMAND, so that calling in the things that light you up are EFFORTLESS!

Feminine Radiance
Being a ‘Present Day Goddess’ is energy – a vibe that attracts and magnetizing all the things you crave in your life.

Fear And Limiting Beliefs
Your thoughts and beliefs are creating your reality. Learning how to work with your fear and limiting beliefs will help you flow with the waves of emotions that you feel, and take action anyway. Let’s re-write your current story!

Masculine And Feminine Energy
You have both masculine and feminine energy within you. Learn how to properly work with each energy creating the results you crave in both your business and life!

Uplevel your mindset, learn the strategies that I used to start and grow my business, as well uncover new and trending best practices that others are having massive success with. And with the support of Spirit, the Universe, the Elements, your own powerful magic, and sisters just like you, your dreams of creating freedom for yourself and your loved ones are closer than you can imagine!

Inside the program, you’ll be supported with:

Daily prompts for staying divinely connected and on task even when life is swirling into chaos around you.

Details and guidance on the astrological weather and the Zodiac energies that may ignite or try to hinder your results.

Bi-weekly coaching calls where you can ask me for guidance about life or business or anything in between! Ask me any business development questions you have (like, “how do I grow my Instagram following”, “why can’t I seem to keep a steady influx of clients”, “what’s the best software to use for my CRM needs”…literally anything!) Or to ask any goddess lifestyle questions (like, “I want to be able to move to my own paradise, too – how did you do it??” or “How were you able to retire your husband from a 9-5 job?”or “I keep being disrespected in my personal life, what am I doing wrong?” And more!)

Access to Monthly Sacred Gatherings and Circles that keep you living rhythmically, connected to your divinity, and living in the flow of Universal abundance and possibility!

Meet Your Mentor

Hi, my name is Lisa Marie Grantham, I’m a successful Business and Success Coach for women worldwide. I am best known as the Founder of The Goddess Lifestyle Plan® and since I’ve been teaching the Goddess Path for over a decade, I consider myself to be one of the OG Goddesspreneurs!

I was raised on Long Island, New York, in a Roman Catholic household by parents who didn’t really get my free-spirited nature. I was a magical child who loved animals, nature, the moon, and metaphysical bookstores, so I didn’t really fit in with any peer group. I grew up feeling very much alone both at home and at school.

Over the years, many limiting beliefs took occupancy in my mind. For example, I believed that I wasn’t good enough, and that I would never be enough. I honestly used to believe that my only hopes of supporting myself was to get married, which I did over and over a few times…

In my late 30’s I experienced a dark night of the soul that sent me on a journey to discovering WHO I WAS. Since then, I have moved on to start and grow multiple 6-figure businesses that are rooted in my soul!

As an Elemental Priestess and intuitive entrepreneur, I help healers, coaches, creatives, leaders, and spiritual entrepreneurs create and grow a profitable online business and design a lifestyle they love the Divine Feminine way. I was an expert columnist for Aspire Magazine For Women from 2013-2018, I’m an Amazon International Best-Selling Author of ten anthology books.

I created The Elemental Goddess-preneur Sisterhood™ as a container of transformation for women who have been actively working on their healing and are ready to take themselves, their life and their business dream to the next level.

Hand over heart, I believe that life is miraculous when you’re looking through a magical lens and what I know for sure is that it’s never too late and you’re never too old to go after your dreams, reinvent yourself, and create as much success in your business and life as you desire!

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silver-moon-divider Lisa Grantham

The Elemental Goddess-preneur Sisterhood™ Is An Alchemical Coaching Program For Women Who Are In Expansion And Ready To Design Their Version Of A Goddess Lifestyle!

Why Join This Program?


Assume your role as powerful co-creator of your life experience.

2. Receive access to a full library of handouts, how-to materials, masterclasses, and moon circles, in addition to new resources and experiences that will continue to roll out each month.

3. Fall into the embrace of a kindred sisterhood of women just like you, who get your journey…because they are on it with you.

4. Have the deep support of your work, your wins, and your struggles and enjoy having like-minded sisters to celebrate with, as well as to work through your inner and outer battles with.

You see, I know you. You’re…
Lover of nature
Struck with awe when it comes to Sun and the Moon
Can’t get enough of crystals
Love all things holistic
Know that there is more to life than what you can see with your eyes
Have a deep desire to help and be of service in some way, shape, or form
Your favorite store is filled with the aromas of various incenses and the latest metaphysical finds…
You’re ambitious and driven and creative.
I know you, siSTAR… I know you – because I AM you.

And my sacred assignment is hold the lantern and guide you on your path towards your most powerful and prosperous destiny.

Join the Waitlist Today!

silver-moon-divider Lisa Grantham

“My life has changed vividly since I met Lisa Marie Grantham and joined her Sisterhood. Her laser advice, juicy wisdom, and working knowledge of how to live magically has catapulted me into an exciting authentic life, where I now embrace my beautiful feminine power and serve myself, clients and loved ones in a more focused and dynamic way!”

~ Kellie R. Stone

“Lisa has helped me through some very rough personal situations with grace and compassion. And then there’s the magic. OMGoddess I love, love, love infusing magic into my life and business. From timing what I do by the cycles of the moon and the sun to working with Goddess energies to using herbs and essential oils—this is a whole new way to run a business and it rocks! Come join us in the Sisterhood—we’re nicest group of magical women you’ll ever meet.”

~ Holly Keefer

“Lisa Marie Grantham… I love you to the moon and back. Yes indeed you empowered not just a part of me but ALL of me to cultivate my truth and hearts desires. I can claim it boldly with joy and purpose to illuminate the healing in our world! Love you Soul Sister!”

~ Cindy Hively

What’s The Program Like?

The Elemental Goddess-preneur Sisterhood™ is a monthly membership program that teaches you to wield your full power, in both physical and astral dimensions.

When you enroll, you’ll receive an email with your login access to your student portal, where you’ll find:

All unlocked monthly classrooms


Resources (online sharing, video format, emails, PDF guidebooks, handouts, workshops, masterclasses, eBooks, etc.)

A robust archive of classes and handouts and bonuses you scored at sign up.

You’ll also receive an invitation to our Private Members Only Facebook Group which I highly encourage you to join in order to get the most out of your experience, not just because of the sisterhood there, but to make sure you get reminders of events we’re holding for you.

Each month, we unlock a new classroom which gives you access to that month’s curriculum.

You’re free to download any and all resources available in the student portal. All gatherings, training and circles are recorded for your convenience. 

Each year, on December 31st, we archive the previous year in our ‘High Vibe Library’ and we begin unlocking the new year’s monthly classrooms. 🥂

What Will You Get Out Of This Program?

The truth is that something has sparked your interest or you wouldn’t be reading this webpage. You might be thinking, “I was raised religious, am I going to get in trouble being here?” My answer to that is NO. God created crystals and herbs and everything else that exists in nature. As a matter of fact, God created nature. So working with the natural world is NOT a betrayal to God or your higher power – you are in EXPANSION.

As a member of The Elemental Goddesspreneur Sisterhood™ you will:

Feel community and connection like never before!

Feel happier on a daily basis because you will focus on the positivity of our private Facebook group and not all the negativity floating around out there on social media and the news.

Know that you are heard and honored – maybe for the first time in your life.

Receive an education on a variety of business, leadership, holistic, metaphysical and esoteric wisdom subjects which keeps your learning, growing and evolving.

Continue to heal your wounds and grow into the most healthy and powerful version of you possible. Our group is not for victim-hood or staying stuck – we are all about expansion and growing.

Become EMPOWERED in every way possible!

“Being a part of The Elemental Goddesspreneur Sisterhood has been one of the greatest decisions that I have made. The amount of things that I have been able to manifest and the amount of love I have given and received have all changed my life! Before being a part of the Sisterhood, I lacked a sense of community and a sense of belonging. I wasn’t able to find women after my own heart (women with similar interests to me) to be there to empower and uplift one another.

Joining the Sisterhood has been such a blessing in my life. I finally have found ladies that aren’t catty, don’t compete, and never judge. Together as women we uplift one another. And together, we have moved mountains. Lisa and my sisters have helped me to remember the Goddess that lives within me, the healer that I am as a woman, and the light to turn on when I find myself in the darkness. Lisa is a gem and an amazing woman to work with. She has manifested so many of her desires and is helping us all do the same. Her light shines so bright and her heart is so big!”

~ Veronica Scott

“I have been a part of the Elemental Goddesspreneur Sisterhood for a few months now. I have found it incredibly supportive and educational to my magical lifestyle. There are numerous resources to choose from on a wide variety of topics: astrology, crystals, essential oils and moon magic just to name a few. Lisa does a great job of procuring these resources. They are both practical and magical. Nothing too elaborate yet special enough to make each day magical.

Having sisters from across the world bring about insightful discussions helps me to know I am not alone in trying to make my world and the world a better place.

Lisa is always being creative in her offerings for the sisterhood and has some new juicy offerings coming our way.

I look forward to the new additions to the resources and the new members to join who will contribute to the enriching, goddess lifestyle conversation.” 

~ Joanna Lynn Steffel

Members Portal

Your beautifully designed members portal holds the keys to all the resources you’ll need to help you grow into the powerful Goddess-preneur  you desire to be.

You’ll have access to the monthly classrooms, Sabbat classrooms (Earth’s eight holy days following the Wheel Of The Year), holistic, magical and spiritual resources, plus business and leadership resources galore. Watch replays, download your free digital books, PDF’s, workbooks, etc. and dive into the magic.

Intuitive Readings

There are messages Spirit needs you to hear to help you expand into your new role in this Universe.

And I’ll be delivering those messages via LIVE gatherings in our private Facebook group, as I pull a group card to guide you and spark introspective thought and give you aha moments that will inspire you and kick your butt (in the best possible way) into taking action!

High Vibe Library

Access a robust archive of intuitively chosen digital books, workbooks, handouts, PDF’s and videos.

All prior classrooms are archived along with the video and book of the month that you can download, read, and keep!

Books have been a huge part of my personal transformation and I want to pass on the powerful wisdom they contain on to you.

Private Members Only Facebook Group

Connect with other like-minded goddesses in a private group on Facebook. This is a place where you know everyone in the group is ready to authentically express WHO they are.

It’s the safe and inclusive space you’re craving to start up conversations about anything business, spiritual/magical and holistic living, share your musings and thoughts about life, connect with siSTARS worldwide and receive the support of a soulmate community.

Earth’s Holy Day Gatherings With Lisa

Each holy day gathering will support your journey and teach you the wisdom each of the 8 powerful seasonal points on the Wheel of the Year holds for both your business and life.

Samhain, Winter Solstice, Imbolc, Spring Equinox, Beltane, Summer Solstice, Lughnasadh, Autumnal Equinox. Replays are available if you cannot attend live.

Empowering Workshops And Classes With Lisa

Starting/growing an online business and designing a holistic, magical lifestyle you love is so much easier when you have the guidance and tools at your fingertips!

All workshops come with accompanying resources to help solidify and integrate the material. Replays are available should you not be able to attend live.

Monthly Magic And Moon Goddess Circles

Each month of the calendar year has its magical correspondences (colors, flowers, animal totems, crystals, spiritual work, etc.) that relate or “correspond” to that particular month.

When you work in unison with those magical correspondences and with the moon’s phases, you amplify the magic by adding layers of energies that work together in harmony!

Live moon goddess circles facilitated by Lisa that will teach you how to live in harmony with the seasons and the specific Zodiac energies that are active during each new and full moon. Replays are available should you not be able to attend live.

Planetary Wisdom And Daily Astrology

Get Astrological guidance before you even start your day. Discover what energies are swirling around and get suggestions on how to work best with them for your business and life.

Find out if the moon’s position presents any new opportunities, if today’s the day to take it easy and lay low or nail the gas pedal and go for it!

Life can be super busy AND distracting. So with that in mind, I support your success with empowering thoughts and suggestions on how to live more magical, on task, empowered and divinely connected so you are motivated throughout the day.

Office Hours With Lisa

Bi-weekly “office hours” allow you to ask me ANYTHING and get coaching and guidance on building a life driven by the things you love and a business that supports that.

You can ask anything about business, mindset, lifestyle and anything in between. You can’t make the calls live – NO PROBLEM! You can submit your question beforehand and I’ll answer it for you on the call. Never stay stuck or disempowered again!

Is This Program The Right Fit For You?

There are several Sisterhood type programs out there and it’s important to me that you find the RIGHT FIT. I want to be fully transparent and upfront about something…

I’m not airy fairy by nature, so I don’t lead Circles nor deliver trainings that are full of poetic passages, flowery words, and meditations. I’m a native New Yorker, so I curse a bit and I cut to the chase and share what I feel is the quickest and most effective ways for you to move forward in both business and life. I believe in YOU and your abilities… and I will remind you of your greatness and inner magic when you forget.

I have a HUGE heart so I will wrap you up in love when it’s appropriate. I am a Catalyst and a no nonsense coach who understands you, where you’re at, and knows exactly what you need to do to create the business and life you want.

SO I will inspire you, and when the shit hits the fan in your life (and it will because that is life) I will encourage you to rise to each challenge.

And if you stumble, I’ll grab your hand and pull you through the fire.

The Elemental Goddesspreneur Sisterhood™ is for you if you:

Desire to grow an online business or side hustle.

Have a craving for a deeper connection to nature, it’s cycles and the Divine Feminine.

Are curious about holistic modalities, crystals, astrology and other metaphysical topics.

Want to bring magic and spiritual practice into your life in a doable way.

Are ready to awaken and explore your gifts, talents and honor your life purpose.

Are willing to unlearn unhealthy patterns and learn how to love yourself wholeheartedly and completely.

Don’t mind cursing. I do drop f-bombs and other expletives occasionally.

Want to amplify your spirituality and embody it so living connected becomes part of your daily life.

Feel like you’re stuck and just want to break free and discover (and do) what it is you’re supposed to be doing in life.

Feel isolated and lonely because you don’t have any like-minded friends who truly support YOU when you share about your heartfelt, dreams, desires and passions.

Are ready to heal the feminine wound and long for true and authentic SISTERHOOD in your life.

Want to break free from the shackles of religious dogma and learn more about spirituality and earth based faith traditions that follow the rhythms of nature.

Want to be guided, inspired and learn how to manifest and materialize your dreams and desires on the earthly realm.

Want to learn new things each month that allows you to create a magical practice that divinely inspires your life in all areas.

The Elemental Goddesspreneur Sisterhood™ is NOT for you if you:

Are looking for a 1:1 coach, this is a group program.

Expect a refund if you fail to use or participate in the program.

Are judgemental or unkind in any way.

“The thing I love the most about The Elemental Goddesspreneur Sisterhood is a feeling of belonging. Unconditional support. Education on a variety of subjects. I’m a huge van of Lisa’s….as she continues to grow so does our Sisterhood.”

~ Nancy Kolbe

“I know that I can come to this sisterhood and feel uplifted. I have made friendships with women who are caring and add positivity to my day. I look forward to learning new things each month and it allows me to create a magical practice that divinely inspires my life in all areas. It is medicine for my soul.”

~ Sofia Dabalsa

“Magical living has been chasing me for years. I always ran from it. The sisterhood has helped be open to it. I also love the support we give and receive from each other.”

~ Annette Marks

What Sets The Elemental Goddesspreneur Sisterhood Apart From Other Programs?

I don’t feel my Sisterhood is right for everyone BUT I do know that this program is unique and offers many things that sets it apart from other virtual Sisterhood groups.

  1. I’m an ambitious woman and have many passions – I live a very busy life, I need my practices to be practical and effective. So that’s what I teach. The Elemental Goddesspreneur Sisterhood™ is basically the “cliff notes” for bad ass business building, magical, holistic and empowered living. I don’t do (or teach) flowery, time consuming stuff ever. It’s not realistic in my opinion and my ultimate goal is to make sure you grow a successful online business and LIVE a magical, empowered, and spiritually connected every day.
  2. This program has more content, more support, more guidance, more actively engaged community PLUS more support than any other program of this type!
  3. The curriculum is expertly designed and delivered personally by me; a passionate and highly experienced business and lifestyle mentor and multi million dollar coach. I know every member and you have the opportunity to COACH WITH ME during every live gathering.
  4. You can access classes and content from anywhere in the world whenever it works with your schedule – all you need is internet access.
  5. The Elemental Goddesspreneur Sisterhood™ is the most loving, inclusive, beautiful group of goddesses you will ever be in community with. There is ZERO drama, ZERO nasty words and ZERO judgement. The culture of this group is something I am very proud of and know you will appreciate.
  6. I’ll give you the confidence, mindset tools, and know how to start and/or grow an online business that consistently earns you $3-5k per month in revenue without wasting time and money on shit that doesn’t actually work to move the needle forward or feeling like you want to rip your hair out of your head trying to figure out what to do next all by yourself.

Goddess, imagine for one moment spending your days doing what you want, when you want, and with whom you want while generating as much revenue as you desire by simply sharing your magic with the world?

I know that sounds like a fantasy to you right now, but I know together we can make it your reality!


“I love love LOVE this group of beautiful women and Lisa Marie Grantham – they are such a blessing to me!”

~ Kimberly Ericksen Bermudez


“The most significant improvements in my life have occurred because I have been able to work with Lisa. The Elemental Goddesspreneur Sisterhood gives me a strong feeling of belonging and acceptance, a community that keeps me accountable to improve my life, and wise advice to teach me how to handle any situation like a GODDESS!”

~ Carrie A Watson

“Thank you BEAUTIFUL LISA! You have brought so much joy to my life. I am so grateful for The Elemental Goddess Sisterhood™ and the magic you so openly and lovingly share!”

~ Twyla Stroder

Frequently Asked Questions

No. You do not need any prior knowledge of any kind to join and participate in the group. Lisa and your siSTARS will meet you where you’re at and nurture you along your journey.

Absolutely not. We at The Goddess Lifestyle Plan® believe that all paths lead to one and stay in the energies of love and light only – period.

As a global, multicultural organization, we are committed to supporting and celebrating our diverse customer base and team. Our goal is to create a safe, inclusive space for all.

With that said, if you identify with the divine feminine and are not cisgender male – you are welcome to join this program.

We do increase the membership pricing regularly, however yours will stay at the price you join at so long as you keep your membership active.

You are not locked into a contract, however we believe that Sisterhood is a commitment. The members share their deepest truths and experiences – so in order to cultivate a culture of safety and openness, we ask you to take this commitment seriously before joining. With that said, if you find that The Elemental Goddesspreneur Sisterhood™ is truly not for you, you can cancel at anytime, but keep in mind that you’ll need to give us 48 hours before your payment renewal processes to cancel your membership.

You can get your questions answered at any time in the group by your peers, and you can join the bi-weekly Office Hours, classes, trainings or moon circles each month for an opportunity to speak directly with Lisa! She does her best to support each member in the Facebook group with eCoaching when the support is needed.

All of the recordings are available for you to watch at your convenience plus you can submit your questions beforehand for Lisa to answer during Office Hours. Joining the Live calls does, however, give you the opportunity to engage! But we like to think of this like a buffet, take what you want, consume what you want. You get out of this experience what you choose to put in.

Once you receive your welcome email containing your login information, you will be given a link to access our Facebook Group and our library of materials located in our online Elemental Goddesspreneur Members Portal.

Even though our Facebook Group offers the community, daily prompts and new and full moon circle portion of this program, you can access the rest of the program materials without it! All of the recorded classes, PDFs, and a library of materials will be located in our online Elemental Goddesspreneur Members Portal.

We do however strongly encourage you to join our Facebook group so that you don’t miss out on the community aspect of the program along with the opportunities to ask and get your questions answered by Lisa and the members working on their businesses and life alongside of you.

All gatherings, classes and workshops are done on Zoom. Zoom is a free app that you can download to your computer or device.

Great Question! The moon circles are live streamed into our members only Facebook group, and the classes and workshops are recorded. So if you can’t make them live you can view them at your own convenience.

Upon purchasing the program, you will get instant access to the Elemental Goddesspreneur members portal which contains oodles of goodies for both your business and life!

You are billed automatically every 30 days.  If you registered on the first day of the month you’re payment will be on or around the first of each month.  If you registered initially on the 2nd of the month then your payment will be on or around the 2nd of each month and so forth. If you joined annually, your payment will be taken every 365 days.

As with all of the programs offered through The Goddess Lifestyle Plan® website, NO refunds are given. Once you purchase the program, it is yours. We ask that you take that into consideration before purchasing this or any program on the website.

YES! Absolutely. This is an online program, so you can access everything you need with an internet connection.

You will need an internet/wi/fi or mobile connection to access the recordings and classroom and you will need to download a free application called Zoom to your device to join us live.

Sorry, no. We like all of our affiliates to be current members of the program so they can market it authentically from personal experience.

We are sorry you are having trouble registering for the Elemental Goddesspreneur Sisterhood Program. Our platform is best used on browsers like Google Chrome or Firefox. Also, if you are on a mobile device you will want to make sure you have a strong connection to the internet when making the purchase. You can email us at [email protected] and we will do our best to assist you!

Of course! Send an email to [email protected]  and someone from the team will respond to you within 24 hours.

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silver-moon-divider Lisa Grantham

“The thing I love most about the Sisterhood is belonging to a group of women who are like-minded. Learning so much and trying to apply it to my life. A group that reminds me that I’m important.”

~ Carla Kinley

“A sense of belonging for me as well. I don’t feel judged here, I feel supported unconditionally. I love the energy of love that is in every post. Learning about so many amazing magical things as well as deep diving into learning more about myself. I love the Feminine energy as well. Being raised with 3 brothers and a mom who “checked out” most of the time, I wasn’t around Feminine energy much so it’s been amazing to feel into my own feminine energy. There are sooooo many things that I love about the sisterhood!”

~ Jennifer Cross

“Lisa Marie is the one who first introduced me to goddesses and her teachings have completely changed my life for the better.”

~ Janet Johnson

Note: We have a strict no refund policy, please, visit our Policies Page to learn more. The Elemental Goddesspreneur Sisterhood™ is a subscription and your cart will be billed monthly or annually depending on your payment terms. For any questions please email: [email protected]