Spring Equinox

In this article you will discover more about Spring Equinox. An excerpt from  Create A Dynamic Year – A Sacred Timings Handbook.

“Spring Equinox and the Aries sun burst forth with the exuberance of the young, playful, and new. Along with the new moon in Pisces, it’s time for a fresh energetic start. During this timing, we move into the new solar growing cycle with the new moon added into the equation. Things start really heating up here as the sun brings the active growing cycle, so get ready to actively plant your garden and your desires.” ~ Lisa Michaels

Fire, the action realm of energy and light, provides the life force that warms the earth and the crops for growth. It creates the excitement and passion for any endeavor and provides the spark needed to activate desire. As the solar force, it shows its yin/yang expression in the turning of day into night and night into day. The sun teaches you to balance your active, outward moving, daylight energy with the cool, restful, and reflective energy of the evening.

Since the equinox represents a time when the light and dark exist in sacred balance, it provides you with an opportunity to tune into the balance of your life. Here you can evaluate things that may need your attention in order to come into greater harmony and alignment. Do you need to balance anything in your life to more effectively bring your desires into being? Perhaps you need to balance your active outer world actions with more quiet restful energy orbalance your time indoors with more time spent in nature. You can simply ask internally what within you needs to be balanced at this time.

This Wheel of the Year point is named after the Earth Goddess Ostara, or Eostar. Since rabbits and eggs were sacred symbols of the fertile Goddesses, you see these used in many Spring Equinox celebrations. If you feel inspired, decorate your altar with these images and fresh spring flowers, and connect to the fertile aliveness they bring.

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