Sun Enters Taurus

In this article you will discover more about Taurus. An excerpt from  Create A Dynamic Year – A Sacred Timings Handbook.

“Ah… From the fiery, get moving Aries sun we now move into the pleasure days of the Taurus sun. Taurus says, “Relax and enjoy the sensuality of spring. Open to receive the renewal that beauty brings.” It’s time to savor every moment of life and indulge your senses as you connect to the reawakening Earth.” ~ Lisa Michaels

This time of year gently renews and restores both your body and soul as the healing qualities of spring flowers and the fresh leaves on the trees open to reveal their essence. The Tibetans use this time of year to heal from grief and illness by literally sitting downwind from flowers. They know the profound medicine of renewal that comes from the fresh pollen.

To experience the greatest level of personal spring renewal, go be with the flowers and fresh leaves. The period of fresh blooms only exists for a few weeks each year. Take advantage of it. Go to your local flower center, botanical garden, or take a garden tour. Bathe all your senses in this precious substance. Also, get your hands dirty by planting some of your own flowers. Connecting with the soil enriches the body’s harmony with the Earth realm.

Find time some lovely afternoon to lie on the ground and relax, feeling the precious Earth underneath. This will strengthen your relationship to the physical realm. Taurus treasures the pleasure of all the physical senses. Enjoy. Luxuriate. Get a massage. Take time to renew on every level. Refresh your physical world by spring-cleaning your house, freshening your garden, and fluffing your wardrobe and physical appearance.

And remember your physical world relationship to your finances. Taurus loves the pleasures that money can provide and works toward a secure stable economic flow. Allow this sign to support your financial goals this month. Four times a year, when the sun or new moon are in Earth signs, it’s extremely helpful and important to focus on taking solid steps toward your financial goals. This quarterly energy of anchoring helps you to stabilize and support the other elements, so that they all work together effectively throughout the year toward your prosperity.

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