Sunflower Abundance

Sunflower Abundance Magic And Recipes

The Sunflower is named after the Sun and his botanical name, Helianthus, and comes from the Greek God of the Sun, Helios.
Many anthropologists believe that Helios was a highly recognizable symbol of the solar deity who appeared in a number of guises throughout Central and South America.
Potently aligned with the Sun, the sunflower can be employed in Sun Magic and magic for expansion, happiness, health, vitality, sustenance, radiance and strength.

Sunflower Solar Mist Recipe

Create a solar mist by floating a sunflower blossom on top of a clear glass bowl of water in bright sunlight for 15 minutes to an hour. Place the infused water in a mister spray bottle and add a quartz crystal (to magnify the energies) and 3 drops of Tangerine or Wild Orange essential oil. Shake well and then mist your sacred space, home and office to activate happiness, abundance and joy.

Essential Oils

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Prosperity Charm Bag

For reliable prosperity and to protect against poverty, dry the blossom of one sunflower and place the petals in a red flannel charm bag with a piece of natural Citrine and 4 un-shelled sunflower seeds. Tie the charm bag closed and keep in the kitchen.

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