Taking Care Of Your Altar

No matter what purpose you have for creating your altar, taking care of your altar should be something you do on a daily basis.

An altar is as old as time and as unique as the people who set them up. That’s one of the reasons I love looking at altars, some of them are so creative and beautiful! I personally create altars in multiple places around my home – both inside and outside in nature. Sometimes I use the same altar and simply change the setup to suit my needs at the time.

The Elements And Your Altar

The first thing to acknowledge is that – an altar is alive with energy and intention.

It’s made up of the same elements that make up our own bodies—Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit. So, the elements included in the design of your altar, like our bodies, are impermanent.

Flowers wither, the water offering evaporates, the candle and incense stick burn down and create ashes. This is why attention must be given to maintaining and taking care your altar.

The 4 Step Process Of Taking Care Of Your Altar

  1. Keep your altar dusted and ashes cleaned up.
  2. Remove and replace wilting or dead flowers.
  3. Replenish the water in your bowl or chalice.
  4. Swap out photos or statues as desired or to follow nature and her seasonal rhythms.

If you have been using the same altar set up for a long time, is there something you can add to it or change to update it and make it feel fresh again? Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I like about this altar?
  • Is there something I’d like to change?
  • Have I become too used to this altarscape, and has my sacred practice become monotonous?

Be sure to follow through by making the changes you want to freshen up your altar… breathe new life into it and always remember that your altar is sacred space and a place of divine power.

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