Taurus Archetype

The Archetype Of Taurus: The Bull

“Taurus teaches us the value of enjoying the earthly pleasures. It delights in all that looks beautiful, tastes delicious and feels pleasurable.
It loves receiving all the exquisite things and gratifications that the physical realm has to offer.
It knows how to take solid steps to fulfill its desires for possessions, wealth and security.” ~ Lisa Michaels

The Sun is generally in Taurus April 20th – May 20th
Glyph (Symbol): The Bull
Element: Fixed Earth
Planet: Venus
Keywords: Endurance, Loyal, Stubborn, Persistence, Self-Indulgent, Determined, Sensuality


  • Taurus is the powerhouse of the Zodiac and wear a tough exterior, however on the inside they are caring and sensitive (and don’t want you to know it!).
  • They have an excellent aesthetic and really know how to pull everything together to look beautiful.
  • Taurus loves to experience beauty and pleasure in the earthly realm.
  • Sensual lovers of life. Taurus is very sensual and loves to experience life through all five senses.
  • Slow and Steady… they march to their own timing – “Taurus Time”. They seem to move slower than other archetypes.
  • Patient and persistent, Taurus will continue when all others have fallen by the wayside.
  • They love to create with their hands and bodies.
  • As a practical Earth Sign, Taurus honors abundance and seeks security.
  • They appreciate and admire beautiful homes, environments, clothing, and luxuries. They like the best and the finest life in the physical realm has to offer… and need to guard against a tendency to over-indulge.

Gemstones For Taurus

Emerald: Stone of Wisdom, Harmony and Love. Emerald is known as a heart healer and is the birthstone for May.
Carnelian: Stone of Pep and Energy. An energy booster, Carnelian also is known for giving protection from negative vibes and can help calm the temper.
Lapis Lazuli: Stone of Mental Clarity and Purification. Lapis Lazuli is also a very protective stone.

What To Focus On In Life & Business

When the Sun or Moon is in Taurus focus on taking small, solid steps towards your goals. How can you bring more grounding energy into your life and/or business?
Connect with your sensuality and slow down… take time to mindfully taste your food and drink, take time to stop and smell the roses, enjoy an outside picnic in your favorite spot in nature, etc.

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