The Importance Of Wearing Sacred Adornment Every Day

I believe sacred adornment is an essential component of a Goddess wardrobe.
Because it keeps you reminded of your magic, your divinity and the items; jewelry, scent, clothing, etc. you choose to wear (or adorn yourself with) will hold symbolic meaning or energies that will assist in providing the support or “medicine” you are needing at the moment to support your highest good.

When you look at me, you’ll always see a combination of long and short necklaces, stacks of bracelets and rings made with various gems. I use crystals, gemstones, herbs and scent as daily tools to live magically and help me to create the life and business of my dreams.

Adorning My Body Makes Me Feel Like A Magical Goddess!

And that’s EXACTLY how I want to feel... Everything I adorn my body temple with is intentional and picked with great care. I don’t worry about matching my outfit … the successful magical outcome I’m seeking always trumps “matching” for me. As a matter of fact … the bohemian way I look is my soul’s authentic truth and my brand; it’s interesting, wild, un-tameable and free just like me.[bctt tweet=”When choosing sacred adornments, don’t worry about matching UR outfit, pick intuitively. “]

I Am The Embodiment Of Organized Chaos!

Since the dawn of time women have been wearing sacred adornment for magical or healing purposes and ritual… gems are most powerful in magical work when they have direct contact with the skin. The constant contact with your skin, infuses your aura and energy field with the vibration of each stone the entire time it’s touching you … it is potent medicine. If I don’t own a piece of jewelry with the stone I’m working with at the moment, I put the stone in my bra cup … yup… interesting things have fallen out of my bra from time to time! Contact with your skin is essential for the “medicine” of the stone to work efficiently.

Gemstones Suggestions For Sacred Adornment:

  • If you’re seeking better health … wear aventurine, prehnite, and/or bloodstone.
  • If you’re trying to create and manifest success …  wear citrine, jade, and/or pyrite.
  • If you desire more happiness and peace …  try angelite, selenite, blue lace agate, and/or lepidolite pieces.
  • If you want to lose weight or break bad eating habits … wear or carry seraphinite, green apatite, sunstone, red tiger eye, amethyst, iolite and/or Tibetan clear quartz.
  • Thinking you need some energetic protection … use black obsidian, jet stone, snowflake obsidian, fluorite, smokey quartz and/or amethyst.
Whatever you seek, there are gems to assist and support you with your goal or desire. Do you wear sacred adornment? If so, what are some of your favorite, go to pieces and why? I’d love to read your comment!


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