DIY Fall Fragrance

Simmering Potpourri Recipe

Women are sensual and sensory creatures – we experience life through our five senses; sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch.
What I have found is that many women have difficulty allowing themselves to dive into their innate sensuality and explore the pleasures that life offers…
Over the last few centuries, women have been taught that immersing themselves in pleasurable experiences is a bad or selfish thing.

I’m a pleasure seeker … I utilize ALL my senses to enhance my life … much like goddess Aphrodite teaches.
Scent is closely linked to parts of the brain that process emotion and memory. So I’m going to share with you some ideas on how to imbue your home with delicious, comforting fall fragrance. Not only will it titillate your senses with spicy, rich aromas, the following simmering potpourri combinations will put your guests under a magical spell of olfactory delight and convince them beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are a total Domestic Goddess!
I get a kick out of my guests reactions every time, “OMG Lisa, your house smells AMAZING!” 😉

Natural DIY Fall Fragrance

What I’m going to share with you is so ridiculously simple to do,  but let’s keep that a secret between us – okay?
Whenever I want to create a cozy feeling for myself or company, I put up a pot of simmering potpourri on the stove. Homemade, natural fragrances always smells way better than artificial fragrances in my opinion, and natural is much healthier for your body too.


  1. Place a medium saucepan on your stove top.
  2. Add your favorite aromatic ingredients.
  3. Put the heat on simmer and allow the water in the saucepan to simmer all day.
  4. DO NOT let the water run dry. Continue to add water throughout the day as needed.

Warning: It really goes without saying, but please DO NOT leave home with your stove unattended!

NOTE: You can also use a crock pot set on low or your safest option is to diffuse high quality essential oils.

DIY Fall Fragrance Simmering Potpourri Recipes

Here are some of my favorite fall inspired ingredient combinations to use for your pot of simmering potpourri:
Combination #1
Cinnamon Sticks
Apple Peels
Orange Rinds
Whole Cloves
Combination #2
Apple Juice
Cinnamon Sticks
Whole Cloves
Combination #3
Vanilla Bean
Orange Peels
Combination #4
Orange Peels
Whole Cloves
Cinnamon Sticks
Combination #5
Cinnamon sticks
Vanilla essential oil or extract
Anise stars
Nutmeg, ground or whole
Whole cloves
Combination #6
Fresh Lemon Slices
Fresh Rosemary Sprigs
Anise Stars
Ground Nutmeg
Vanilla Extract

Hearth and Home

There you have it… a season of smelling sensations right at your fingertips. Don’t be surprised if Goddess Vesta shows up, Vesta is the Roman Goddess of Hearth and Home and she absolutely LOVES a warm and cozy atmosphere to dwell in!

silver-moon-divider Lisa Grantham


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