Is It Time For A Change

Is It Time For A Change?

For many years I believed I was a fickle – an OH SO FICKLE gal.

Little did I know that my desire to change it up was a gift! An innate ability to flow like a river and deep desire play with archetypes. I’ve always embraced change, all kinds of change… and still do. Virgo, my Sun Sign is a mutable Earth sign… so, even though I am an Earth sign, I F-L-O-W when needed!
I’m always re-inventing myself and allowing myself to bloom in exactly the way that feels authentic to me in the moment – no apologies.
I love learning new things about my favorite subjects (metaphysics, personal growth, holistic health, beauty, design and theology), playing with different archetypes, changing up my personal style and my hair, etc.
I’ve always been particularly fond of changing my hair color (cutting it not so much). I change my hair color as easily as I change the paint on the walls in my home, it’s as simple as rolling a new color right on over the old one if you decide you don’t care for it.
My hair has been every color of the rainbow over the years; red, blond, black, streaked with purple – you name it – I have rocked it! At the moment I have very long dark brown hair with CRANBERRY pure pigment balayage. I must admit and emphasize that I get my hair colored professionally. Hair color can be a complicated process, so I leave it in the hands of professionals that I trust.

Is It Time For A Change?

An essential part of living a Goddess Life is being open to change and not allowing yourself to get “hooked on a feeling” or into a rut with your personal style. Activate the Element of Water within you and flow…
When I color my hair a new shade, I feel like a totally different woman. The new look activates an unearthed archetype that I pleasure in experiencing; Enchantress, Dominatrix, Magic Maker, Alchemist, Damsel… trust me when I tell you that it’s a whole lot of fun to route power that way.
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Journal On These Questions:

  • Have you been wanting to change your look for a while and haven’t done it?
  • What do you think is holding you back from making the change?
  • Do you feel stuck in an “all around life-rut” or is this stuck-ness you’re feeling strictly appearance or style related?
  • When did you first notice your rut?
  • What do you desire to change specifically? Do you want to change your haircut, hair color, wardrobe, lose some weight, etc?
  • How does this rut effect the other parts of your life?
  • What am I afraid of potentially happening if I make this change to my appearance?
  • What is the cost of me staying in this style rut?
  • Does my style rut extinguish my inner spark?
  • What would it feel like to dress and wear my hair in a style that is authentically me?

Your Goddess Lifestyle Assignment:

Try something NEW with your look that you have always wanted to do! What archetype would you like to activate? Would you like to rock a sexy, sassy, cute, edgy or sparkly style … go with any feeling or Goddess Energy that calls to you and speaks to your soul. Create a Vision Board filled with style images that light you up and then begin to infuse your wardrobe and personal style statement with those looks.


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