Turn Your Bathroom into a Rejuvenation Spa

Turn Your Bathroom Into A Rejuvenation Spa

I find great joy in transforming the mundane into magical. One of my favorite rituals is taking a hot bath infused with sea salts, assorted herbs, and/or essential oils. The experience is totally GODDESS for me … it’s my thing.
In this article, I want to teach you how to turn your bathroom into a peaceful and beautiful refuge. I spent 10 years working as an Interior Designer, and designing + decorating bathrooms was one of my favorite projects. My inner Aphrodite comes out full force when I create a feminine and romantic bathroom retreat!

11 Ways To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Rejuvenation Spa

  1. Edit Down Your Products. If every time you open the medicine cabinet, a mad tumble of products jump off the shelves at you, it’s time to edit and purge! Get rid of any nonessential items like rarely used or expired items. I have found product that are years expired lurking in my cabinets in the past! Move the things you need occasionally, such as cotton balls and first-aid supplies to a nearby closet.
  2. Arrange a Decorative “Trayscape”. Put away things like aspirin and toothpaste to eliminate psychic drag and feelings of overwhelm that clutter (always) brings. The secret to having a truly inviting space is to display a few of your favorite things in a purposeful way. I LOVE trays, especially mirrored or lacquered trays. I find all kinds of beautiful trays at Pier 1 Imports or on my antiquing “Treasure Hunts”. You can use glass, ceramic or lacquered trays to display trinkets that evoke tranquility; a small dish with a scented soap in pretty packaging, a beautiful sea shell, a scented candle, etc. Keep in mind when creating your display that odd numbers are the rule of thumb for eye-pleasing arrangements. I particularly like 3 or 5!
  3. Orchids, Orchids, Orchids! NOTHING is more gorgeous than orchids in a bathroom. Orchids are simple, sensual, and very feminine (phallic actually). Phalaenopsis Orchids are generally inexpensive (I’ve seen them for sale at Walmart and Home Depot) however, if you don’t want to invest in a real plant, check out potted silk orchids. Artificial is not my favorite choice, but they are very convincing and never die. I find gorgeous and realistic silk flower arrangements at Home Goods Stores – shopping at Home Goods is one of my guilty pleasures.
  4. Pick A Pleasing Color Palette. When selecting a paint color, think of tranquil and natural hues like off white, gray, green or blue. My favorite colors for bathrooms are muted, natural colors. If choosing wallpaper check out some nature inspired themes that have a pattern with trees, botanicals or birds. I use a lot of Cararra marble (white with gray veining) when I design or remodel baths, I absolutely LOVE it.
  5. Roll Your Towels. First, if you have old, ratty or stained towels, it’s time to say bye-bye and purchase new ones! I LOVE white towels in bathrooms. I roll them into a jellyroll and place them in a beautiful wicker basket on the floor.
  6. Soften The Lighting. I put dimmer switches in every room of my house including the bathrooms. Why? Because I don’t want full, blaring lighting all the time. I like to control the mood… Nothing is more delicious to me than a hot bath with candles flickering and dim mood lighting… any crappy day residue is instantly washed away in that atmosphere.
  7. Play Some Music. There’s a reason you hear New Age music gently playing in spas … it’s relaxing. Think nature sounds or check out Lorenna McKennit – LOVE HER!
  8. Put Away Things With Cords! We all have blow dryers, flat irons and many other tools with cords… hide them away in a drawer or under the sink.
  9. Bring Nature In. When choosing things for your bathroom, think nature and natural materials like bamboo, natural sea sponges and wooden bath brushes with soft boar bristles.
  10. Use Pretty Bottles. I decant everything into pretty bottles with the help of a funnel. I purchase beautiful bottles during my travels. I am actually trying out something crafty right now – empty Patron bottles to hold herbal sea salt blends. They are coming out so gorgeous that I’ll be making them to give as gifts for the holidays this year (How-To article on the blog will be posted closer to Yule)! Start your collection of beautiful bottles and begin transferring your liquid soaps, oils and even shampoo into gorgeous vessels.
  11. Display An Devotional Altar To Aphrodite. The photo below is of my personal altarscape. I used an ornate silver tone tray, and filled it with assorted shells, crystals, starfish, a statue of Aphrodite, and a cranberry colored votive holder. I hope my altar inspires you!

What I’ve Found

I’ve found that most women go through periods of time when they feel as if they’ve lost their joy and have a hard time seeing the magic that exists all around them. The mundane and daily struggles have a way of extinguishing our inner sparkle if we’re not mindful. I know how that feels first hand… and I know how to get yourself out of that funk.
You need to plug into the Universal Power Grid. Begin following nature and her cycles – make moon water, begin a daily sacred practice, begin doing self care rituals, learn more about the subjects that interest YOU,  join a community of like-minded women who are designing their goddess life!

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