What Is The Goddess Lifestyle Plan

What Is The Goddess Lifestyle Plan®?

Welcome, dear reader!

I am delighted to have you here, with my heart full of joy and gratitude.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Lisa Marie Grantham, the Founder of The Goddess Lifestyle Plan®.

The Goddess Lifestyle Plan® is an online platform designed to empower women and equip them with the confidence and knowledge they need to embrace their inner strength and live as the healthy, confident badasses they were destined to be!

Every woman envisions her own version of a Goddess Lifestyle—a life filled with beauty, grace, and fulfillment. Through my products, programs, and mentoring, I help women manifest and actualize this vision.

Recognized and Accredited Work

I take pride in the fact that my work and programs have earned recognition and accreditation from three esteemed global organizations:

  1. IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine)
  2. WMA (World Metaphysical Association)
  3. ACHH (Accreditation Council of Holistic Healers)

How We Assist You

At The Goddess Lifestyle Plan®, we assist our students in designing and living their version of a Goddess Lifestyle by providing workbooks, programs, highly sought-after holistic certifications, and comprehensive mentoring. We eliminate the fluff and provide practical guidance, enabling our students to take their lives or businesses to new heights.

Our ideal clients and students are holistic-minded, creative women who have a deep appreciation for mystical subjects such as Crystals, Essential Oils, Astrology, Oracle and Tarot Cards, Energy Work, Holistic Health and Wellness, Herbalism, and Nature. If these topics resonate with you, you’ve come to the right place!

These subjects are my areas of expertise, recognized far and wide. I believe that nature offers us everything we need for complete well-being of the body, mind, and spirit. Nature also serves as our greatest teacher and guide, leading us to success and prosperity.

If you seek more ease, balance, wealth, opportunities, time, success, impact, flow, happiness, or peace in your life, you have arrived at the perfect destination.

The Birth of The Goddess Lifestyle Plan®

The creation of The Goddess Lifestyle Plan® coincided with a period in my life when I realized I wasn’t living on purpose or reaching my full potential. Despite the blessings in my life, I felt a void deep within me.

Something was missing.

I eventually realized that what was absent from my life was a sense of pride in myself, my achievements, and my contributions to the world.

At the young age of 22, I got married and became a mother, shifting my focus to motherhood and leaving higher education aside. However, circumstances led to a divorce, and when my daughter was around 3 years old, I found myself needing a job to make ends meet. Returning to school seemed impossible at the time.

I yearned for a life where I could choose when and with whom I worked, as well as determine my income. However, back then, the internet was not what it is today, and I couldn’t see a way to create my desired “Goddess Lifestyle.” I desperately wanted to be available for my young daughter, to join her on school trips and be an active part of her school life, but my boss did not believe in granting time off for such activities.

Eventually, I remarried and had two more children while being blessed to stay at home with them and my firstborn. This time, instead of simply dreaming, I took action. I pursued education in various subjects that interested me, fueling my love for holistic certifications.

Holistic Certifications—The Key to Empowerment

Holistic certifications became the cornerstone of my personal and professional growth. They provided me with extensive knowledge and skills in the areas I was passionate about. Most importantly, these certifications granted me the confidence and qualifications to offer my services as a professional.

Here are some of the significant benefits of holistic certifications:

  • Validation of knowledge
  • Increased marketability
  • Enhanced earning power
  • Improved academic performance
  • Enhanced reputation and credibility
  • Increased confidence
  • Respect from peers

I have pursued and acquired numerous holistic certifications, and they have been instrumental in shaping my journey:

  1. Certified Natural Rhythms Creation Coach & Facilitator
  2. Certified Elemental Forces Of Creation Oracle Practitioner
  3. Advanced Crystal Master (Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy graduate)
  4. Certified Holistic Health Counselor (CHHC) (The Institute of Integrative Nutrition graduate)
  5. AADP Board Certified Drugless Practitioner (AADP) (American Association of Drugless Practitioners board certified)
  6. Certified Professional Coach (Fowler Wainwright International certified)
  7. 200 Hour Registered & Certified Yoga Instructor (RYT) (The Yoga Darshana Center graduate)
  8. Certified Herbalist (Sage Mountain Herbal Retreat, The Science and Art of Herbalism Program graduate)
  9. Interior Design Certification (The Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design graduate)

As you can see, I have a genuine passion for holistic certifications!

I have discovered that many women entrepreneurs with holistic certifications struggle to integrate all their certifications, individual gifts, skills, and talents into a cohesive brand. Fortunately, helping women in this area is my area of expertise, as I have personally navigated the process of combining my own certifications, talents, and skills into a unified business and brand. You can learn more about my Business Mentoring here.

The Signature Methodology of The Goddess Lifestyle Plan®

Over the years, I have developed a signature methodology that serves as the foundation of The Goddess Lifestyle Plan®. This methodology forms the “plan” aspect of The Goddess Lifestyle Plan®, and though it encompasses several sub-steps, I will provide you with an overview of its framework:

  1. Assess key areas of your life and design your unique Goddess Lifestyle Recipe™.
  2. Evaluate your diet, lifestyle, and relationships, and make necessary adjustments.
  3. Cultivate sacred practices in your daily life.
  4. Explore the Universal Laws of Abundance and Prosperity.
  5. Establish a self-love practice.
  6. Set healthy boundaries with yourself and others.
  7. Embrace and unapologetically accept pleasure in all its forms.
  8. Step into and embrace your destiny.

Holistic Certification Programs at The Goddess Lifestyle Plan®

At The Goddess Lifestyle Plan®, we offer an array of holistic certification programs in various modalities. You won’t find these specific certifications anywhere else.

Our platform is the exclusive home of the Natural Rhythms™ body of work. Natural Rhythms™, created by Lisa Michaels, is a unique system that was channeled directly from the Elements themselves.

Lisa Michaels, a dear friend and mentor, entrusted me with the Natural Rhythms™ body of work when she transitioned to other endeavors. It was an incredible honor to receive this torch.

Natural Rhythms™ has had a profound impact on my life, providing me with a deep understanding of human behavior, the art of manifestation, successful entrepreneurship, and a profound reverence for the sacred within and around me.

Currently, we are the sole provider and facilitator of the following Natural Rhythm™ certification programs:

  1. Life Creation 101 – Natural Rhythms™ – Become an Elemental Wisdom Carrier
  2. Creation Coach Coach & Facilitator – Natural Rhythms™ Creation Coach

If crystals hold a special place in your heart, we are the sole provider of the Hibiscus Moon® Certified Crystal Practitioner® course. This course offers knowledge that can be applied personally and can also serve as a pathway to entrepreneurship in Crystal Therapy.

Your Next Steps

Here are my recommendations for your next steps:

  1. Learn how to work with the elemental forces of creation to boost your manifestation capacity by enrolling in Life Creation 101 – Create Nature Aligned Prosperity In Your Life and Business. This program serves as the foundational certification for all other Natural Rhythms™ certification programs. If the enrollment is closed, make sure to join the waitlist for future notifications.
  2. Join the waitlist for the Hibiscus Moon CCP Course. This waitlist offers exclusive perks and does not obligate you in any way.
  3. Become part of SisterMind, our fun and affordable monthly coaching program. In SisterMind, I will guide you on growing your business and designing a goddess lifestyle that you are truly passionate about.
  4. Book a complimentary call with me. During this call, we can discuss your goals and determine the best route for you to take.

Remember, there are no accidents—only synchronicity. I eagerly look forward to connecting with you on a call or welcoming you into one of our programs.

Wishing you abundant blessings on your journey,

HAVE YOU Designed YOUR Goddess Lifestyle RECIPE?

My friend, are you at a juncture in life and know that you are in need of change? You might not be completely sure of what that change looks like, but something feels… off.

Perhaps things in your life are “okay” but not really spectacular… and you most likely try to find gratitude around “okay” – but deep down inside, you’re longing to feel INSPIRED… BLISSFUL… and ALIVE.

I totally get it and I want that for you too. I have a fabulous workbook/planner that I created specifically to help you design YOUR version of a goddess lifestyle so you can feel lit up again!

(Just in case you were wondering – a goddess lifestyle is living a day to day life that gratifies your unique passions, desires and needs.

This fabulous workbook is a gift from me to you, so it’s FREE for you to download.

My Design Your Goddess Lifestyle Planner™ will help you:

  • Get you crystal clear on your desires and needs.
  • Identify what “things” have been missing from your life.
  • Unearth your hidden desires.
  • Activate your purpose.
  • Make your life juicer than you thought possible.
  • Inspire the shit out of you!