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Personal Coaching Lisa Marie Grantham

Life Coaching

My signature coaching program is designed to work through every aspect of your life and help you move your life in the direction of YOUR dreams and place you firmly on the path to reaching your full potential.

I have worked with hundreds of women around the world and each of them have shifted from going through the motions and struggles of day to day life to living and speaking their authentic truth and enjoying massive joy and success!

Lisa Grantham Biz Coaching

Business Coaching

Rest assured, I’ve learned a huge amount along the way about what works and what doesn’t. And now, I’m sharing with you my very best strategies because I WANT you to be successful. I can help you attain the clarity you require and take you to your next level of income, impact, and success.

Just so you know, most of the struggles you’re facing in creating the successful business you desire are mindset related, and I’m an expert on MINDSET.

As you shine your light and share your divine gifts within the world, I want YOU to experience abundant success, not just financially but also spiritually, because what’s the point of having a business if it doesn’t have heart and soul?

Let me take your hand and show you the way…

Creation Coach Facilitator

Natural Rhythms Facilitator And Certification Program

A proven, step-by-step system PLUS all the content & support you need for building and running a profitable, service-based business—without the confusion or overwhelm.

Divine forces are at work all around you – all the time. Those supernatural forces magically spring a seed to life and softly open a flower to bloom and those same forces can be intentionally applied to helping your clients succeed in their endeavors AND help you grow a thriving business.
Understanding those forces and how they operate in the realm of creation can help you be of tremendous service in the world. When you learn to apply nature’s forces of creation, you help others discover their life purpose, strengthen their inner wisdom and guidance, and blossom as conscious creation leaders of their lives and businesses.

Natural Rhythms Facilitator And Certification Program is literally a “business in a box” – EVERYTHING you need to round out your existing business or create the thriving business you’ve been dreaming of is included in this program!

Business Breakthrough Intensive

This 90-minute Business Breakthrough Intensive will be a catalyst for you to move to the next level… whether that’s making more money, increasing your reach on social media, clarifying your business and marketing strategies, or launching your next offering!

Perhaps you have a crisis, a burning question (or more), or you’re simply sick and tired of the same recurring hangups in your business. Maybe you’re ready to make strides and big shifts around ONE SPECIFIC issue in your business. The point is, you’re ready to tackle some serious stuff RIGHT NOW and need the guidance, tools and support to make it happen fast!

Break through barriers, uncover hidden potential, and set your business on a trajectory of success. With Lisa Marie Grantham by your side, your 90 minutes will reshape your business future!