Your Goddess Year Workbook

So tell me lovely lady, are you ready to create your Goddess Year and live the life of your dreams?

Your Goddess Year Workbook will help you create the map required to identify your desires, call them in, and experience the Goddess Life you desire!

I’m Lisa Marie Grantham, the Creatrix of Goddess Lifestyle Plan™ and I created this digital workbook after working closely with hundreds of women around the world and seeing the need for a major life-transforming tool.
I personally went from not so happy and flying by the seat of my pants in all aspects of my life to creating a pleasure-filled, beautiful, successful and affluent Goddess Life.

Years ago, before I was the woman you see fluttering around the internet and your inbox, I was struggling and didn’t have a clue on how to begin to make the dreams or desires in my heart manifest.
I had failed relationship after failed relationship, there was rarely a day that didn’t include some sort of drama, and I shopped to make myself feel better, so my personal finances were a mess. The truth was that I felt unfulfilled and hollow… and I had no clue where to begin looking to help fill it up.

Maybe you can relate…

I wanted to live a juicy, full, expansive, pleasure-filled goddess life – but I simply could not figure out how to make it happen, dang it!
Frustrating – YES!
Deflating – YES!!
Disconcerting – YES!!!
Where was my solution? That was the question that came across my consciousness quite often.
At the time I didn’t realize that the power to have everything I wanted was within me – I just had to look within, focus and get really intimate with my desires (AND my inner saboteur)…

Do You Experience Any of the Following?

  • Poor Health, Fatigue, Or Stubborn Excess Weight
  • Daily Overwhelm Or Fuzzy, Wishy-Washy Thinking
  • Lack Luster Or Passion-less Relationships
  • Drama Or Distance In Your Family Relationships
  • A Home Environment That Does Not Reflect Your Goddess Essence
  • Friends That You Really Don’t Connect With On A Deep Soul Level
  • A Shelf Help Collection: Self Help Programs, Books and CD’s That Gather Dust
  • A Disconnection From The Divine And The Magic Within And Around You
  • Never Making Your Needs A Priority Or Doing Something Delicious JUST FOR YOU Without Guilt
  • Endless Bill Paying, Credit Card Debt Or Guilt Over Spending Money On Your Desires
  • Not Expressing Your Unique Goddess Essence Thru Clothing, Sacred Adornment, Make-Up Or Hair Color And Style

You’re Not Alone…

The truth is, most of us grow up being forced into a box for one reason or another (we will go more deeply into that during the bonus ceremony included with your purchase of the workbook) – I remember the days of me consciously staying small and putting on a big ole smile on my face to fool the world…
I lived an in-authentic life and it slowly wore away my feminine radiance and I don’t want you to feel that way.

WILL  Change Your Life – I GUARANTEE IT!

The strategies I share with you in this workbook are the exact formula I use to create the life I am blessed to live and the intimate details I plan to share with you during our live Closing And Releasing Ceremony will clear and illuminate your path to success. This is a powerful bundle and I urge you to say YES!

Filled with over 80 pages of worksheets to help you dream, manifest, set your intentions, plan & cultivate your next amazing, magical and empowered twelve months.

PLUS a bonus printable “Daily To-Do List” and “Project Planner”.

The workbook has been carefully thought out and uses the very best introspective questions, which will enlighten and surprise you (guaranteed) … perfect for you to print out, journal in & get thoroughly inspired by!
You’ll get clarity on what you want the next twelve months to look like. What you want to create and manifest during it. And most importantly, how to make it happen.

Want a little taste of what’s inside the pages of this digital workbook?

Here’ a little sample:

  • Create The Container: We are going to create the container for transformation to occur.
  • Closing And Releasing: We are going to close and release with my favorite questions to journal on.
  • Let Sh*t Go: To move forward you must let shit go. I’ve included my Truth Letter™ that will facilitate you in this process
  • Releasing Negativity Spell: Oh yes, there needs to be some high-vibrational magic involved.
  • WOTY: More on that once you’re in!
  • Visioning: Here’s where you’ll create your magnificent year!
  • 12 Key Areas Of Life: Your life is made up of 12 Key Areas – we are going to take a deep dive into each area.
  • Goals: Yup, I’m going to help you set G-O-A-L-S.
  • Magical Assistance & Guidance: More magical tools to support you in creating a magnificent year!
  • Muggle Strategies: They work too!

Lisa is all heart, all love and she is the real deal. And she is a damn fine business woman with a whole lot of wisdom to share!

Let me start out by saying that Lisa Marie is one of the most genuine, passionate and inspiring women I know. And I am beyond grateful to have her in my life as a dear friend and mentor.
Lisa has held my hand and kicked my butt (in the most excellent way) into believing in myself, in my business message and in the value of who I am. But, it’s more than that. The space that she holds for me, the container, is a god-send.
When I wanted to give it all up, she was there. When I was beside myself with grief, she was there. ‘Nhen I was on fire, she was there stoking my flames and giving me practical steps to keep moving forward powerfully in my business. And now that I am rising up I can hear her with her porn-porns cheering me on every step of the way!
Lisa Marie Rosati is all heart, all love and she is the real deal. And she is damn fine business women with a whole lot of wisdom to share. Thank you Lisa for being there every step of the way. Here’s to a whole lot more celebrations to come!

Alexa Linton

Lisa has an amazing array of tools, strategies and knowledge and I am so much more at ease and confident with my own inner truth.

I was doing a lot of inner work and yet I was feeling really stuck. I found Lisa’s Goddess Lifestyle Plan Quick Start Program right when I needed it!
Lisa supplied me with the sacred space and support to explore those things I’d been holding myself back from. She has an amazing array of tools, strategies and knowledge but most importantly made her self very available to offer support and encouragement to let go of hiding the parts of myself I felt unsure of. I am so much more at ease and confident with my own inner truth.
Lisa’s programs are amazing, I do everything in my power to NOT miss any of her live Spreecasts because they are so insightful and fun!
I’d recommend to anyone looking to do some inner and outer work to empower themselves and live with more energy and joy to check out Lisa’s programs.

Bonnie Copeland
Founder of Step Into Your Brilliance

I’ve evolved into a much stronger, higher version of myself through our work together, and it’s paying
off in every way! I wouldn’t be here without Lisa and I know there’s much more to come!

Before working with Lisa, I had been struggling to move my business forward for several years. I had received some wonderful training and coaching, but I could feel that my mindset and personal “stuff” was interfering and holding me back. I was procrastinating on so many things that I knew could grow my business, but just wasn’t doing them. Since working with Lisa, things have started to shift for me on a number of levels.

Right off the bat, she helped me shift certain mindsets so that I was able to raise my fees and stand more powerfully in the value of my work. She also helped me push through my fears around visibility, so that I am finally putting myself out there in a bigger way.

Lisa brings the tough love in a way no other coach can, with both a deep spiritual perspective and a practical wisdom that has enabled me to move forward. And her coaching has helped me to make powerful changes in my personal life as well. I always knew that everything was connected, but as I have grown in one area I’m experiencing shifts all across the board. It’s one of the reasons I was attracted to Lisa – I knew that she would be able to support me in every area of my life.

I’ve evolved into a much stronger, higher version of myself through our work together, and it’s paying off in every way! I wouldn’t be here without Lisa and I know there’s much more to come!

Michelle Leath

Certified Eating Psychology Coach & Creator of the Live & Eat Fearlessly Movement

I look forward to sitting in sacred circle with you as we release what no longer serves and call in our deepest, heartfelt desires.
I lift my Martini glass to you and this year being your most magical and divinely driven year ever – I BELIEVE IN YOU!

Let’s get started!